Parklea Correctional Centre

Woolacotts were engaged to provide structural, civil and hydraulic engineering design, documentation and construction phase services to the existing Parklea Correctional Centre facility. Since mid-2015, our teams have worked closely with the teams at Pedavoli Architects and Hansen Yuncken on this project.

Since the original facility opened in 1983, there have been various interventions re-purposing the original buildings and expanding accommodation. The latest upgrades and expansions were delivered as part of the NSW Government ‘Better Prisons’ program, with the new Parklea upgrades designed to increase the Corrective Services NSW’s capacity to accommodate inmates in the Sydney metropolitan area. The design also supports an external leave program, aiming to re-integrate offenders in custody back into the community through work and educational opportunities.


Featured above: Shared space at Parklea Correctional Centre

This project was delivered in two stages: A 150 bed expansion to the minimum security facility and a 500 bed expansion to the maximum security facility. Works included both new buildings and significant upgrades to existing buildings, providing a refurbished Gatehouse with new Control Room, Programs, Visits, Satellite Clinic, Reception Holding Cells and Video Court facility, and site infrastructure including an expanded secure perimeter, playing courts, access roads and car parking.

Engineering Solutions at Parklea Correctional Centre 

Integrating the significant expansion within the existing operational correctional facility was a highly complex design project. As such, Woolacotts were engaged to provide additional Structural BIM innovation services for Hansen Yuncken including:

  • Development of Construction methodology and precast erection sequencing
  • Design and documentation of precast panel temporary propping and brackets between panels.
  • Design and documentation of precast panel lifting arrangements
  • LOD 500 Modelling of all precast structural connections including, Panel to Panel Connections, Panel to Steelwork Connections, Lifting Eyes and Cast-in anchors for propping
  • Coordination between Precast Subcontractor and Steelwork Fabricator models
  • Coordination and dimensioning of Communication, Security, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Fire and Electrical fabricator services in the Revit model
  • Fully coordinated and approved Issued for Construction Models and 2D Shop Drawings for Precast Subcontractor
  • Models for use on BIM360 for Construction Management, BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue


Featured above: Entrance building at Parklea Correctional Centre

We are pleased to report that the new facilities at Parklea Correctional Centre have reached practical completion and are operational. As stated by Woolacotts Principal Engineer Ian Stalker:

Woolacotts would like to thank all who were involved in the construction of the new 500 bed maximum security prison complex. It’s been 5 long years, with an endless amount of challenges, one being the construction within a working prison.”

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