Historic Upgrades at the Landmark Downing Centre


ith several decades of experience behind us, the Woolacotts Team are experts in the field of justice and emergency design. Throughout our 80 years of operation, we have completed countless prison, courthouse and emergency services projects across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

The landmark Downing Centre, located in Sydney’s central business district, has been an ongoing justice project for our team. Built in 1908 as the premises for Mark Foys Department Store, this interwar building was converted into courts in 1985 and has since seen various upgrades to meet growing community needs. Over the years, the Woolacotts Team have contributed to the on-going development of this heritage-listed building, offering expertise and services in the fields of Structural and Hydraulic engineering.

Featured above: 7news ‘Sydney’s Downing Centre set for $10.6 million upgrade’

Woolacotts have been engaged on various projects with Pedavoli Architects and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. Upgrades to this historic site include:

  • Downing Centre and John Maddison Tower Court, Phase 1 and Phase 3 redevelopment
  • Reconfiguration of the level three court rooms, including removal of columns, security holding bays and tiered flooring
  • Design Consultancy Services for two new district courts on Level 6
  • Hydraulic engineering service on level 5
  • Structural inspections for Basement, Levels 2 and 3

Over the coming years, it is expected that the courts will be progressively reconfigured and refurbished to meet the changing requirements of the current legal system. As we move forward, Woolacotts will continue to provide our engineering expertise to this landmark site which we believe will contribute to the building’s longevity and capacity to service the community.

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