State-of-the-art Design at The Governors Centre

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers were engaged by Tanner Kibble Denton Architects to provide Structural, Civil and Hydraulic engineering services on the development of The Governors Centre, a new state-of-the-art education facility located on the grounds of Sydney Boys High School in Sydney’s east.

The Governors Centre is a 21st century educational facility that will boast a world-class performing arts centre and a dynamic learning space. The facility includes a 400 raked seat auditorium and a 400 square metre multipurpose space. The multipurpose space features movable internal walls, making it suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms and examination spaces, specialist music rehearsal and tuition rooms, as well as performance and debating spaces. As a joint project between Sydney Girls and Sydney Boys High Schools, The Governors Centre builds greater opportunities for collaboration between the two schools and provide students with unique opportunities for development in the areas of performing arts, music, debating and public speaking.

Featured above: ‘The Governors Centre for Excellence in Education’

The development site is 1,900 square metres in size, with a frontage to Cleveland Street in Moore Park. The building will be located in the area of the existing Sydney Girls High tennis court, adjacent to the Sydney Boys High/UTS Gym on Cleveland Street.

The Governors Centre’s most notable design features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • High levels of natural lighting
  • Outstanding acoustics
  • Flexibility across internal spaces
  • Ecologically-sustainable development principles including use of renewable energy
  • Complementary relationship with the heritage elements of both schools


Featured above: The Governors Centre in construction

Our team are honoured to be involved in the development of this new educational facility, one that will undoubtedly provide students and teachers with a multiplicity of inspiring spaces suited to 21st century learning.

The Governors Centre will be open and operational by 2021, with builder Stephen Edwards Constructions nearing practical completion.

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