Grafton Prison To Be Delivered “On Time And On Budget”

Clarence Correctional Centre, located in Grafton NSW is set to be Australia’s biggest jail, opening in mid-2020. The Woolacotts team have contributed to a large portion of this project, developing concept designs, authority approvals, detailed designs and consulting throughout construction.

A recent feature article by NBN News outlines the significance of this new correctional centre, with local politicians and community members commenting on the important benefits it will bring to the Grafton economy as well as inmates.

It’s on a scale never before seen in Australia. At any one time, 2,000 inmates and staff will co-exist at the country’s largest prison.”

– NBN News

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Featured above: NBN News video covering the final stages of construction and plans for the facility.

The prison will hold education programs for inmates as part of a Government initiative to lower re-offending rates. The facility has also been designed in a unique way, without bars or steel doors and using plenty of glass paneling to provide inmates with a clear view outside. These design choices intend to instil a sense of calm and promote healthy rehabilitation.

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