Engineering Innovation In Victoria

Woolacotts Victorian team, based in Melbourne, deliver a range of engineering consulting services across Structural, Civil and Hydraulic disciplines.


With 80 years of company experience, Woolacotts have been operating in Victoria since 1970, and have developed a vast portfolio of successful projects across a wide range of sectors.

Working alongside Victorian councils and Government bodies such as VicRoads and Melbourne Water allow our Melbourne engineering team to provide useful insights into building and site compliance measures throughout the design process.”

– Brett Onslow, Associate Engineer and Head of Woolacotts Melbourne Office

With our ongoing focus on the use of modern technology and software to inform engineering design and save on project costs, our team of Melbourne Engineers have been applying these systems to various projects around Victoria. The outcome; more informed engineering designs, efficient construction methods, client cost-savings and overall project risk mitigation.

Experts in Stormwater Drainage Design & Flood Studies around Melbourne

Woolacotts are currently involved in several stormwater drainage design and flood related projects within Victoria involving state and local Authorities such as VicRoads, The Department of Transport, Melbourne Water and local councils.

One such project involves Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), where Woolacotts adopted the water quality modelling software MUSIC. Woolacotts extensive use of the program and engineering knowledge resulted in a cost saving to our client by reducing the amount of bio-filtration media and rainwater tank storage previously advised by an environmental sustainable design (ESD) consultant.

Another project relates to litigation, where Woolacotts were engaged to provide professional advice regarding flood damage. For this project, Woolacotts is adopting the latest flood analysis software, in combination with best industry practice, to provide the client with expert advice and exceptional solutions.

Woolacotts are consistently involved in assessing flooding impacts on existing and proposed properties within the Melbourne area. Both minor and major developments can benefit from well-executed flood modelling.

Flood studies and models provide great value and benefit to authorities and functions including:

– Emergency services (planning and response)
– Local government / Council’s – Melbourne Water
– Flood risk assessments
– Improved land use regulation
– Property values
– Insurance assessment
– Community / town planning
– Improved water quality
– Reduced loss of property

Woolacotts utilise TUFLOW to develop flood models for a variety of projects of differing size and complexity. TUFLOW is a powerful software that is capable of analysing the effects of minor and major drainage systems in both urban and rural environments, and simulating flood propagation in the form of flood mapping.


TUFLOW, Flood Modelling, Civil Engineering, Engineering Melbourne

Featured above: TUFLOW flood modelling – visual presentation of analysis results

Experience and engineering knowledge throughout Victoria

Recent engineering work undertaken in Melbourne highlights the diverse range of projects and sectors serviced by Woolacotts Consulting Engineers in this region, which include:

  • Infrastructure works for VicRoads and Department of Transport at the West Gate Bridge, and water supply infrastructure design and documentation for Melbourne Water.
  • Structural & Civil design of Multi-Residential apartments and residential building design, achieving the architectural vision while maximising value for the client.
  • Stormwater management plans, drainage design, MUSIC modelling & Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), achieving cost savings and increased water quality.
  • Flood impact assessments and modelling of existing and proposed properties to assess risks, optimise land use, and satisfy Authority requirements.
  • Building refurbishment and reuse design of modifications, adding new spaces and alterations with practical structural solutions and greatest client value.
  • Forensic investigations and expert witness advice to identify problems and provide economical remedial solutions for Owners Corporations, Facility Managers and Lawyers.
  • Structural and Building Fabric Audits for Qantas Airways Limited and ongoing reporting for Facilities Maintenance team.

Woolacotts also has a history of strong performance and involvement in the Justice and Corrections sector in Victoria. Design services have been provided on the following prison projects in Victoria:

  • Barwon Maximum Security Prison upgrade
  • Dame Phyllis Frost Centre expansion
  • Loddon Prison expansion
  • Dhurringile Prison expansion
  • Beechworth Prison
  • Langi Kal Kal Prison
  • Tarrengower Women’s Prison.

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