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It was a race around the clock to get the project ready for the new school year but we did it.  Woolacotts provided civil and structural and engineering design services for a new popup school in Glebe, on the fringe of Sydney’s CBD.

The most challenging element of this project was the density of underground assets that needed to be avoided during the design process.

“It was like working with a block of swiss cheese for building foundations.” said Woolacotts Operations Director, Stephen Branch

While challenging, it was fascinating to learn that the underground assets the project needed to avoid were heritage listed water pipes culverts.  The heritage listing cites these assets of:

“technological significance as it provides an excellent example of the engineering construction techniques of the late 1800’s and of the city’s early infrastructure. The numerous extensions and modifications made throughout the years provide a good example of the advancements made in drainage construction techniques. In addition, Blackwattle Swamp (now Wentworth Park), into which the original sewer initially deposited, was used for a short period as Sydney’s water supply. This occurred around 1810 when the Tank Stream dried up, and the swamp was in pristine condition.”

This quirkily project really showcases what a specialist engineering firm like Woolacotts is all about.  It’s the fusion of engineering design, new modular building techniques, learning spaces and heritage conservation.

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