Blast fence featured at the Powerhouse Museum

6 February 2013

The multi-award winning Qantas blast fence project will be featured in an exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

The blast fence, designed by Woolacotts, will feature in a display at the year-long engineering excellence exhibition in Sydney.

Jet blasts have the power to uproot trees, shatter windows, overturn cars and trucks and injure people. The Qantas blast fence protects people and property at the Mascot jet base during post-maintenance engine testing.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Powerhouse Museum and the Sydney division of Engineers Australia.

It showcases innovative Australian engineering projects that have been developed for both local and global markets. All awards have been peer reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of practitioners and academics from the engineering community.

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase our work to the general public in an interactive and accessible way," said Scott Clemmett, Principal Engineer and aviation sector leader.

The exhibition will feature video commentary from the client and Woolacotts engineers, as well as an operating scale model of the fence.

The exhibition opens Wednesday 6 February 2013.

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