Welcome to our newest team member, Ferdous Chowdhury


oolacotts are pleased to announce that our team is growing! This month we welcomed Ferdous Chowdhury, who joined Woolacotts Consulting Engineers in the role of Principal Structural Engineer.

Ferdous has been a consulting engineer since August 2004, starting his career with Aurecon (formerly Connell Wagner). He has since worked for some of the global Tier One consultancies, as well as reputable national boutique operators. Ferdous’ experiences in the engineering space have been rich and varied, with projects spanning commercial, residential, and industrial contexts. He has also gained notable experience in the resources industry, working as a design engineer and in lead capacities.

Ferdous chose to specialise in the field of Structural Engineering as it presents him with opportunities to add value to challenging projects. These include overcoming such things as site constrains, commercial realities, and inspiring yet complex client and architectural visions. In his work as Structural Engineer, Ferdous is drawn to long span industrial warehouse projects and the design of architectural features, as well as value management of traditional concrete and steel structural projects

Chowdhury_Ferdous (7)
When asked why he pursued a career in engineering, Ferdous told us:

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be an engineer. Perhaps being good with quantitative subjects did help to shape this view. I liked the fact that engineering can provide a good career path and have a direct impact in shaping the world’s future. I also like the diverse nature of our profession; we can become almost anything we like and enjoy – spanning from being a site guru, to a nuts-and-bolts geek, to a boardroom hi-flyer.

Ferdous was also asked how he has enjoyed his role at Woolacotts so far, stating that:

Woolacotts enjoys a strong brand recognition in a wide variety of portfolios. My observation is that Woolacotts’ rich in-house systems, technical pedigree and agility enable it to service its clientele efficiently. I am very privileged, and excited about the prospects of playing my part in servicing Woolacotts existing client base, as well as partnering and collaborating with the wider marketplace

On behalf of the whole team at Woolacotts, welcome! We believe Ferdous will be a great asset and we look forward to collaborating with him on a range of innovative projects in the future.

To learn more about our team, visit the Woolacotts ‘Our People’ page here.