MUSIC Modelling Technologies To Develop Thorough Stormwater Management

Woolacotts have extensive experience in implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Solutions to projects of varying size and complexity, and have developed MUSIC models for schools, community infrastructure, aged care facilities, multi-residential developments and prisons.

MUSIC – Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation, is a stormwater management software that the Woolacotts civil engineering team ustilises in order to predict the performance of stormwater quality management systems.

By running this technology in conjunction with project specific design solutions, our team can predict and address any stormwater challenges specific to the project site, ensuring that the final solutions are capable of managing stormwater quality treatment in the long term.

The highly complex MUSIC system is capable of modelling many types of locations, from small suburban blocks all the way up to entire suburbs and towns, and has been used by our civil team on a range of project sizes within different industries.

Effective Engineering Design In Line With Government Requirements

The control of stormwater quality treatment is a critical design item nominated by all local government authorities. The requirements nominate the target level of treatment prior to site discharge into Councils system or natural watercourses. Some of the main pollutants within stormwater include hydrocarbons, gross pollutants, suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorous.

There are several environmental implications that may arise without adequate removal and treatment of contaminants within stormwater.”

– James Georgiades, Woolacotts Civil Engineer

MUSIC Model, Engineering Model, Civil Engineering

Featured above: A sign developed for Riverbank Public School outlining the water quality improvement process.

At Riverbank Public School, Woolacotts developed a WSUD solution that included the following treatment devices:

– Gross pollutant trap
– Rainwater tank
– Grassed swales
– Raingarden
– Detention / bioretention basin

A MUSIC model of this site was developed for Blacktown City Council incorporating the above treatment devices and satisfying the pollutant reduction target requirements. The image above was a sign developed for Riverbank Public School which outlined the water quality improvement process.

Experts in Design Methodologies for Stormwater Management

Woolacotts are frequently involved in seminars and information sessions to ensure up to date design methodologies and product information from stormwater companies such as SPEL environmental, Ocean Protect and Humes are maintained.

Woolacotts have also utilised their experience in MUSIC to assist with cost saving for a client at Sydney Olympic Park Authority. On this project Woolacotts were approached by the client to review an existing design concept in relation to upgrading their current Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT). The GPT was required to treat a large upstream catchment area of 110 hectares. Upon review of the local government authority requirements, and available treatment systems for the application, a design solution was proposed which surpassed the water quality treatment targets whilst saving the client in excess of $200,000.

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