Expert Witness And Consulting Services

With extensive experience across our three core engineering disciplines, the Woolacotts team are frequently called upon to provide expert consulting services on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These services are requested from a range of clients, including building owners, owners corporations, facility managers as well as legal teams representing larger organisations.

Expert Witness Services on High Profile Cases

As a result of our substantial expert witness experience, the Woolacotts team are currently working on some of the highest profile public expert witness cases in Australia, providing expert advice on Structural, Civil and Hydraulic engineering backed by 80 years of experience in the engineering field.

Our team of engineers bring their wealth of knowledge to each case, and thoroughly review all aspects of the site, existing documents and Government authority requirements to provide a factual, unbiased and thorough report.

Our process includes:

  • Discussion with the client concerning requirements of the proceedings and independent expert responses to identified risks within the brief
  • Sequencing of works to meet the program requirements
  • Determination of deliverables to satisfy court requirements
  • Preparing detailed documentation associated with the Expert Witness statements
  • Where required – appearing in court to provide evidence and assist the court with understanding of technical issues

We are Experts in Residential, Commercial and Industrial building works and dilapidation surveys and have worked with a range of organisations to assist in court proceedings regarding building disputes.”

– Ian Stalker, Principal Hydraulic Engineer

Experts in Forensic Engineering Consulting

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers are regularly called upon to provide expert engineering consulting services to assist Owners Corporations, Facility Managers and building owners around the country.

We frequently undertake forensic site investigations of distressed building elements, provide defects assessments, detailed Engineer’s reports, and specify practical cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions when required.

Woolacotts has highly experienced Engineers with an in-depth knowledge of construction methods, materials behavior and acceptable building performance. This expertise ensures our assessment advice is precise, accurately identifies safety and compliance issues, and provides stakeholders with peace of mind and financial savings through clever & efficient remedies.

Where major remediation works are required, Woolacotts also provide detailed Structural, Civil, and Hydraulic Engineering design, specification and certification services.

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