Delivering High Quality Projects Throughout Queensland

The Woolacotts Brisbane team have experience working across a range of sectors, providing Structural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering. Our portfolio of Brisbane based projects spans across aviation, education, community infrastructure and residential sectors.

By sharing experience across state offices, our team of Brisbane engineers take an
informed approach to each project, using the latest technologies to provide the most “efficient and cost effective results for our Queensland clients.

We have decades of experience working with a range of clients, specifically in the Education and Aviation sectors. Because of the high standard of work produced over the years, Woolacotts represents these clients on a national scale, covering structural, civil and hydraulic engineering requirements in all states. Our presence in Brisbane, Cairns and wider Queensland is constantly growing, and has allowed our team to develop strong relationships with organisations such as the Brisbane City Council.” 

– Stephen Branch, Woolacotts Operations Director

A few of our recently completed projects in Queensland and Brisbane are listed below.

Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade – Brisbane City Council

The Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade Project involved duplicating the existing road from two-lanes to four-lanes, including works to Tilly Road and Rickertt Road in Wakerley, QLD. As part of the works, the existing culverts under the Green Camp Road and Tilley Road intersection were required to be upgraded to improve drainage and flood immunity to a 1% annual exceedance probability (1 in 100 year probability of a flood occurrence). The estimated construction cost for this project was $28 million.

Woolacotts was engaged by the lead contractor Georgiou, to undertake construction stage services inclusive of inspections and final certification of the culverts and associated traffic barriers. 17 inspections were carried out by our Brisbane Engineers to ensure conformance with the design.


School, Design, Concept Design

Concept Design for Eagleby South State School

Featured above: Concept Design for Eagleby State School

Eagleby South State School

Eagleby South State School is located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, on the southern edge of Logan City. The Eagleby local area has experienced growth in the school-aged population and Eagleby South SS required additional facilities to continue to meet the growing enrolment demand.

To address capacity shortfall, Eagleby South SS received a 2 space hire building in early 2018. The Woolacotts Brisbane team were engaged to provide structural and civil engineering services in order to meet expected long-term growth and remove this hire building.

Services provided by Woolacotts included:
– Construction of a multi-storey learning facility
– Providing a covered link access from the new building to the spine of the school
– Removing and rebuilding the existing junior playground

The project is now at its construction stage of the two-storey general learning building with 4 new learning spaces, and future proofing for additional spaces as required down the track.

Richlands East State School, Inala – New General Learning Centre

Similar to Eagleby South, the Richlands local area has experienced significant growth in the school aged population and as a result, the Richlands East State School requires additional facilities to continue to meet the enrolment demand.

To meet expected long-term growth, Capital Works Planning proposed to deliver a two-level 8 space teaching block. 6 teaching spaces will be constructed leaving the building future proofed for a further 2 spaces when required. This facility is currently at its final construction stage.

The Woolacotts Brisbane engineering team were engaged to provide Structual and Civil engineering serices on the design of these new learning facilities.
The services provided by Woolacotts for this project include:
– Construct a multi-storey learning facility
– Provide a covered link access from the new building to the spine of the school.

The building design solution provided by Woolacotts will deliver educationally functional, comfortable, healthy facilities that inspire student learning and support the delivery of modern curriculum initiatives. Our engineering design for this project has been developed in line with a cost-effective scheme which maximises construction efficiency for the client while saving cost. The life expectancy for the major buildings elements is 50 years, and major service systems is 25 years.


Concept Design, School Design, Brisbane School Design

Featured above: Concept design for Richlands East State School

Featured above: Concept design for Richlands East State School

Recent Aviation Projects Across Queensland

With our proud 80 year history, Woolacotts have been servicing the Australian aviation sector since the 1950’s. Our aviation engineering projects in Queensland date back to 2002, and below are the major projects delivered within the past 12 months.

  •  Structural and Building Fabric Audit of Northrop Grumman Hangar at Brisbane Airport
  • Investigation and reporting regarding structural damage at Qantas Fright Terminal at Cairns Airport
  • Various commissions for facilities operated by Qantas Airways Limited at Brisbane Airport including:

– Structural and Building Fabric Audits of Hangars, Freight Terminals and Child Care building in order to minimize risks and priorities preventative maintenance
– Design and documentation of internal refurbishment works at Qantas Link Hangar
– Design and documentation of bunding at Hangar pump rooms to contain fire foam spills
– Structural investigation of overhead cranes at Heavy Maintenance Hangar
– Investigation of load capacity of Freight Terminal floors
– Design of strengthening works for Vehicle Maintenance pits at Engineering Services Building

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