Building a Sustainable Future: Wilson St / Burren St Cycleway Project

Our team are proud to be involved in the development of the Wilson Street and Burren Street cycleway in Sydney’s Inner South. Woolacotts were engaged by Spackman Mossop Michaels to consult on the Civil Engineering components of this project.

The cycleway, which began in 2015, sits within the Cycling Strategy and Action Plan adopted by the City in 2007. This action plan has since been incorporated in full into the City’s long-term strategic plan Sustainable Sydney 2030, which aims to transform Sydney into a green, global and connected city by 2030.

Infrastructure for the Future

As Sydney’s public transport and major roads near full capacity, investing in community infrastructure and public transport options is imperative to building a sustainable future. The addition of planned cycleways to our inner city suburbs will assist our city in realising this vision. Cycleways alleviate pressure on public transport during peak times and offer a plethora of benefits to community health and connectivity.

Some benefits include:

  • Providing safe and protected spaces for current and new riders
  • Providing safer intersections and walkways for pedestrians
  • Calming traffic congestion and reducing carbon emissions
  • Encouraging people to ride to work and subsequently improving community health
  • Creating transit routes that connect villages, the city centre and the rest of the inner city

Wilson Street and Burren Street Cycleway Project

The Wilson Street and Burren Street cycleway provides important links in two regional cycle routes; Newtown to Bondi Junction Regional Cycle Route and Sydney University to University of NSW Regional Cycle Route. The cycleway is a separated cycleway in both directions and provides a safe route for bike riders travelling east west from Newtown and Redfern on Wilson Street. It also improves connections with existing cycleways in the network.

Wilson Street Artist Impression

Featured above: Artist Impression of Wilson Street Cycleway (Image: Spackman Mossop Michaels)

The project scope includes:

  • New 2-way separated cycleway on Wilson Street
  • New 1-way (southbound) separated cycleway on Burren Street
  • A 1-way (northbound) bike lane on Pine Street
  • A widened shared path and a shared zone on Leamington Lane connecting the 1 way pair on Burren and Pine streets
  • 2 new pedestrian crossings for better access to Macdonaldtown station and Carriageworks
  • Improved street lighting, including additional lighting between Ivy Street and Carriageworks for people walking to Redfern station
  • New paved thresholds, flat top speed humps and footpath widening to slow traffic
  • More garden beds and new trees providing shade and amenity to the street.

(Reference: City of Sydney)

Woolacotts involvement commenced with the concept design and feasibility for the proposed two-step separated cycleway. As the area was flagged as flood prone, our team analysed the potential impacts of the cycleway to flood levels and provided improvements. Our consultation continued through to the detailed design stage and we documented all civil engineering elements, as well as the construction stage services.

A Tuflow model was undertaken to demonstrate that post-developed flooding matched the pre-developed conditions. This was presented on council’s Aerial map to clearly depict flooding results as an image.”

– Justin Chirillo, Principal Civil Engineer

Wilson Street 2

Featured above: Wilson Street Cycleway

Burren Street

Featured above: Burren Street Cycleway

The Wilson Street and Burren Street cycleway, due to be completed this month, will improve connectivity in the inner west region. The cycleway will also assist in alleviating congestion on Sydney’s urban transport network, bringing the City of Sydney closer to achieving it’s 2030 Sustainable Sydney goals.

To learn more about Woolacotts community infrastructure projects, visit our projects page here.