Vasse, WA

Due for completion in late 2013

$4 million

Structural and civil engineer

Established in 2007, Cape Naturaliste College is located in Vasse, 240km south west of Perth. Known for its natural beauty, tourism and wine industry, the area continues to attract local development.

Set on eight hectares, the college will add a new 500 square metre learning block to the campus, as well as additional car parking, drop off areas, and realign an existing access road.

The project consists of a new single storey year seven learning block which is located on vacant land at the north west corner of the campus.

Our role

Again Woolacotts Consulting Engineers worked closely with the architects to ensure architectural design intents were achieved during the design phase.

A typical example is the design of a five metre cantilevered roof with downturn wall with a limited structural zone of 150 millimetres.

Project challenges

Poor weather was one of the major challenges during construction. Woolacotts worked closely with the builder to solve unexpected site issues to ensure the project was delivered on time.

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